“When my husband and I wanted to celebrate our third wedding anniversary, we decided to travel out to some place special for a getaway. Given our busy (and sometimes stressful) lifestyles, it’s not possible for us to plan these things months in advance, but in this case the date was still a few weeks away and we had both managed to get leave from work.

We were hoping planning the holiday would be easy. All we wanted was a destination that wasn’t crawling with people and a hotel that offered an intimate setting. So that we can be away from the chaos at work and away from the families and groups that take over every spot in a hotel: swimming pool, restaurants, gym, spa and even the lounge.

And yes, a hotel that is not like all the business hotels we stay in during our work trips and which all look the same, whether you are in London, Tokyo or even Bali!

For us, boutique and luxury hotels are just right. Hotels that offer an authentic local experience, a sense of place and where personal touch mixes beautifully with modern amenities. Where all those little details are taken care of without being overly intrusive. That’s the kind of hotel we like.

We firmed up the destination rather quickly based on all that we had read and heard from friends. It had to be Bali! We had never gone there together, so it was an easy pick.

Then we started on our journey to find the hotel of our choice. And what an epic journey it turned out to be! We did all the usual things to find the right hotel. First, started with online search and quickly realized that trawling through various sites and hundreds of hotels in Bali, you are none the wiser.  Talked to friends who told us of their own disappointing stays in hotels that were clearly the wrong kind. Searched some more online and the endless search really took us no closer to the hotel of our choice.

The weeks passed and before long, we realized our holidays were just a week away.

So, at 11 pm, after a busy day at work, we went online to book. We went to the bookmarks, retrieved the hotels we had shortlisted and soon enough, to our horror, realized that the hotel rates had gone up by as much as 20%. Crazy! But we had no choice, so we booked. Without even knowing for sure whether it was the right hotel.

Since then, this story has repeated several times. When we related our story to friends, we quickly figured that we weren’t the only ones. They all had similar experiences in all types of destinations in Asia. Everyone agreed it is really difficult to find and book the right romantic hotels in Asia. How we wished there was a company that could search and select the best romantic hotels in Asia and present them in one place so we could book.”

 That is a real story from a real couple – just one of many such stories we heard regarding travelling in Asia. They lead busy lives, are time poor and they enjoy going for holidays with their loved ones. To celebrate special occasions or simply to get away from their hectic urban life to be with each other or with other couple friends.

These are the stories that inspired the launch of The Romance Collection, the first online platform designed to offer curated luxury and boutique hotels in Asia, from popular destinations like Bali and Phuket to emerging destinations in Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam and Malaysia.

We learnt from what we heard and as you browse through our website, you will notice the following:

  • Hotels have been handpicked by a team of specialists.
  • Each hotel offers Romance Treat – FREE exclusive benefit you get only when you book on this website.
  • Customers can book either a Room & Breakfast option or book the Romance Package
  • For special requirements, like honeymoon or other bespoke experience, the Romance Concierge is on hand.

More hotels are being added to The Romance Collection every month. If you know of luxury and boutique hotels you would like included, please write to cs@theromancecollection.com and we will work on your suggestions.

Wait no more! Go, fall in love with our hotels.